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Whatever happened to the illustrated movie poster? Movies used to be marketed with incredible, unique illustrations on posters and cover art. You couldn't go to a cinema or video store without seeing incredible works of art plastered across every wall. And then one day, seemingly overnight, it all disappeared, exchanged for the cheaper and faster Photoshopped marketing art. The illustrated movie poster became extinct, but fans and movie lovers never forgot it. In the mid 2000s many talented illustrators began creating incredible works of art for fans based on their favourite movies in the form of illustrated screenprints. The popularity of this art has increased exponentially over the past decade and shows no sign of slowing. The movie poster is back! And we intend to tell its story.

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Post No Joes Productions is proud to announce commencement of the "Show Us the Goods" Contest. In an effort to promote our upcoming film "Twenty-Four by Thirty-Six", Post No Joes is giving you poster art collectors, fans, and even amateur artists a chance to appear in the film by uploading a 15 second video of you showing off your favorite poster from your collection.

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